Fees intellectual property lawyers

Our fees are calculated on an hourly rate basis, namely a flat rate and eventually a profit-sharing fee -in accordance to our professional rules- depending on the nature and stakes of the case, notably financial.

The first appointment, if leading to an oral consultation will be charged 300 euros excluding Tax, no matter the length of the meeting. We will take all the time required to study the first elements of your case in order to offer you the best strategy possible.

Regardless the nature of the considered solution, fees will be set in consultation with the client and will take both the complexity of the case and the time it requires into account.

Each case leads to a fee agreement.

We do our best to provide our client with all the information that could give him an indicative basis of the cost of our intervention as well as the charges linked to it.

We always make sure the cost of these fees is in line with the stakes and goals sought by our clients.